Perspectives and why it fascinates me…!!

What I find really fascinating about people is their perspectives, the way different people see the same thing and how this difference is what truly sets people apart.

The other day while I was talking to my friend somehow we ended up talking about cheating in relationships. What was fascinating for me was the way we both defined it. My definition was completely different from my friend’s and it was an eye opener. We justified both our beliefs trying to prove our respective perspective was the right one but in the end we conceded and found the middle ground that we both are right from our point of view.

What I have noticed among people is how they remain rooted in their beliefs borne out of their perspectives and how they fail to acknowledge that another person might be having a different way of looking at it. We are so busy trying to prove our side that we don’t stop and think that they could also be right. I think sometimes I’m also guilty of this.

I argue and protest with the utmost faith in my point of view that I fail to recognise that they are also right from theirs. Something my friend once said has stayed with me. ” Everyone has their own right and wrong. What I deem right according to my conscience might not be right according to theirs. They do the things that justify their conscience. We are no one to say that they are wrong and only we are right.”

Isn’t that right and so profound? I thought about it a lot and yes it’s right. I think what sets us all apart from one another is this difference in perspective. I think that’s what is fascinating about us all too.

Today when I don’t agree with someone I don’t balantly say that they are wrong. I take a minute to try and see it from their perspective. I might not necessarily understand it nor accept it, but I can very well acknowledge and respect their point of view. I think the world will be a little more easier place if we all made an effort to maybe understand another person’s perspective atleast a little…!!!

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