The Purpose…!!


Writing is not exactly my forte. One could also say that it is something that I might fail spectacularly at. But in spite of the fact that I am not good at this, I decided that I should try. Why a blog might be a question that arise. Why not, is what my mind answered. It takes a lot of courage to do something which you believe you are not good at. One has to be almost fearless to try something they know they are going to fail at. I amassed all the courage I could find and also the desire to try something new, a desire or want to tell the world what’s inside my mind and to share my various introspection and musings. Maybe no one would read this, maybe someone would, maybe people are going to hate this, maybe they will love this or maybe it will remain unread.  What is important is that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if anyone reads or not. It only matters that I try.  So here’s to an effort borne out of a desire, a yearning, a lot of courage and determination.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King


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